I find it terribly disturbing that your long-standing effort to bring the news to Galveston is tarnished by the rambling string of multiple conspiracy theories, spouted by Salvatore J. Ali on your opinion page ("COVID a plot to destroy freedom, Western democracy," The Daily News, Oct. 2).

The entirety of his letter was nothing but debunked conspiracy, and you gave it a public platform. I've found your paper to be quite even-handed in the reporting of news, and this public airing of conspiracy and deadly misinformation is troubling.

Paul S. Kesner



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Bailey Jones

Everyone has a right to their opinions, and this is the opinion section of the paper. It's called that for a reason.

Besides, the fact that "his letter was nothing but debunked conspiracy" is what makes it worth printing. It was hilarious.

I love these right-wing crackpots. Knowing that they're out there helps me make sense of the world.

Robert Braeking

Global Warming (Climate Change) is a theory. Evolution is a theory. Relativity is a theory. Big Bang is a theory.

It boggles the mind that some group-think pseudo-intellectual lefties in corduroy jackets with leather elbow patches do not wish to discuss the possibilities of theories, Yet, without theories, there would not be a pre-treatment for a manufactured virus created in a lab using theoretical methods.

Bailey Jones

Robert, the difference between global warming, evolution, relativity, and the big bang, and the type of crackpot conspiracies that get tossed around in opinion sections is that theories of global warming, evolution, relativity, and the big bang are backed by incontrovertible facts, and crackpot theories are backed by crackpots.

The beauty of printing crackpot opinions is that we can come here and call them out as crackpot opinions invented by crackpots, for crackpots. As for the crackpots - if they want to self-identify as crackpots by writing their crackpot opinions in the local paper, so much the better for the rest of us.

Like my daddy used to say, "Son, the world is full of crackpots and whistle britches. We have newspapers so we can tell who they are."

Carlos Ponce

Robert Braeking[thumbup]

Bailey Jones[thumbdown]

Jim Forsythe

Carlos, 🍆

Carlos Ponce

🍆🍆 to you, Jim, whatever it means.

Bailey Jones

Zucchini bread for everyone!

Robert Braeking

"Incontrovertible facts" my behind. If they were fact based they would not be theories. Duh.

Theory - a proposed explanation whose status is still conjectural and subject to experimentation, in contrast to well-established propositions that are regarded as reporting matters of actual fact.

Every theory ever presented was considered "crackpot" or contrary to the accepted convention before it was accepted as truth. If we continue to accept that there is no new knowledge, then the civilization will cease to advance.

Mr. Bailey Jones must be one of the 'in' crowd and does not accept that his intellect is inferior to any other. If we listen to him civilization, as we know it, will completely stagnate at its present state.

Back in 1899, U.S. Commissioner of Patents Charles H. Duell declared that everything that could be invented had been invented. Therefore he proposed closing down the patent office. That was before the invention of the vacuum tube, transistor, or printed circuit.

Gary Scoggin

Where can I get me of those jackets? Although corduroy may be a little hot for down here.

Leigh Gottlob-Cowart

Some people choose to wear rose-colored glasses....😘

Charles Douglas

Back in his time the smart people who thought they had a leg up on all those who were beneath them, because of their contrived, elevated opinions they had developed of themselves, ...thought Jesus was a crackpot!

Of those in that category were the so called educated Scribes & Pharisees! Simply put, if you disagreed with most of them ( those who thought they knew everything )...YOU WERE A CRACKPOT, or worse!!! So then when Jesus came on the scene preaching and speaking the TRUTH,.. opposite of their convoluted made up lies ...they feared him and called him the "equivelent" of a "Crackpot" and a "Drunkard" among other things!

One of the defenses they used to combat the truth back then as it is today,... seemed to have been...NAME CALLING!!! Well, I want to "Haul-Off & go on record "rat" now as being a "Crackpot" for Jesus, but NOT one of the crackpots who are destroying this nation by trying to sow discord among the races, championing the slaughter of innocent lives, or, those trying to indocrinate our school children with "CRT" race division BS & hate, nor like those who are trying to hold power by continuously by drifting back in the past resurrecting, and bringing back detailed memories of the "STINKY" buried DEAD WORKS of humanity concerning evil deeds done to SLAVES and minorities WAY BACK IN THE PAST! Let me be clear, I am a "Crackpot" for Jesus, but NOT that type of crackpot! My dear momma, use to tell me, " Cha, ( her word for Charles ),

she would say, "Cha, be careful, cause everybody who put their hands on your back won't be your friend, AND THEY WON'T KNOW EVERYTHING!"

Now, I am proud to say that motherly advice, as well as mucho fatherly advice I consumed from both of them ..helped to keep me out of prison-prods they have constructed all around this state!

Bailey Jones

Charles - Jesus had evidence to back up His theory.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Jones> No sir! I respectfully disagree. Jesus did not come bearing witness to a theory. Jesus bought the truth! Pontius Pilate even had the gall to ask the TRUTH who is Jesus , (John 14:6 .."I am the Truth..") face to face this: "What is the truth?" ...( John 18:38). Jesus had previously advised him that he, ( Jesus) came bearing WITNESS TO THE TRUTH, before Pilate asked perhaps THE MOST UNINFORMED QUESTION IN HISTORY!

He deserved that distinction for asking the Truth what is Truth! So then Jesus came NOT with theories, but bought the TRUTH! Some of those smart people I referred to earlier were aware of who he was and believed in him while many others had no idea! Men like Nicodemus & Joseph of Arimathaea who came and gave Jesus a proper burial after the crucifixion.

Remember, his word is truth..John 17:17. Hey, we can quivel over this, just like they did back in the days King Herod, and The Roman Procurator Pontius Pilate, but the TRUTH of God is not a theory to me.

George Laiacona

Fortunately we live in a country where opinions are heard from all kinds of people. The best way to confront any opinion that you disagree with is to express your own opinion. That way those who read can Decipher for them selves the difference between good and bad , right and wrong

Charles Douglas

[thumbup]...Of that I agree! I had an Old Professor who use to say often before a test, "The Die is cast" & "Every tub will have to set on it's own bottom!" With the responsibility of making one's own choices, it would be great to deploy wisdom in the middle of the process used in making them!

Dan Freeman

Mr. Braeking writes: “Global Warming (Climate Change) is a theory. Evolution is a theory. Relativity is a theory. Big Bang is a theory.” These are based on available data and lead to testable hypotheses. Note each can be disproved with appropriate tests of hypotheses. In fact, each has been continuously modified through careful testing and data gathering.

This grounding in the testability and falsifiability of a theory is a core tenet of science. The conspiracy theories either cannot be disproved or do not lead to hypotheses that can be tested. Hence they are not based in science but represent obsessions and fantasies.

Robert Braeking

Mr. Freeman, Theories of conspiracies that have been recently proved correct are:

1. The Russia hoax was exactly that - a hoax.

2. The 2020 election was actually fraught with fraud.

3. Hunter Biden was (and probably still is) on the take.

4. The virus did originate in the Wuhan lab.

5. Dr. Fauci cannot be believed as he is complicit.

6. Global Warming is a natural occurrence commencing since the recent (relatively) ice age.

7. The Big Bang is logically and mathematically impossible. There was nothing. Nothing magically exploded and created everything in perfect harmony and homeostasis. Really?

8. Obama's administration used the IRS as a tool to suppress the opposition.

That's just off the top of my head. I could elaborate, but to what end? Those who subscribe to the god of the left do not wish to be enlightened.

Gary Scoggin

7. The Big Bang is logically and mathematically impossible. There was nothing. Nothing magically exploded and created everything in perfect harmony and homeostasis. Really?”

You just made the case for God. There is a lot of evidence that says the Big Bang is how he did it.

Robert Braeking

Any student of physics will tell you that matter can but change state. It cannot suddenly appear or disappear. Heat can only transfer. It cannot be added or removed . It can only be transferred to another place. A massive explosion is unlikely to have placed all matter in its place. It is too random.

Bailey Jones

Robert, any student of physics can tell you that matter pops in and out of existence all the time. This was proven by Hendrik Casimir in the 1940's.

These same students of physics can tell you how students of physics worked out the Big Bang Theory (it's really a model more than a theory) over the last 100 years, and how results predicted by the model have been experimentally verified - things like the Cosmic Microwave Background that was discovered by accident in the 1960s, but now studied in great detail by a particular group of students of physics - astrophysicists.

The origins of the universe are by no means settled science, with over 90% of the matter and energy in the universe unknown, and perhaps unknowable. But the theoretical model of the expanding universe is founded on real science, and real scientific observations, as any student of physics can tell you.

Might I suggest that you actually read up on science - perhaps become a student of physics yourself - so that you can understand the difference between a scientific theory based on observable facts and verifiable laws, and ridiculous made-up nonsense? Surely there's no downside to becoming more knowledgeable about the things you post.

Robert Braeking

Mr. Jones, The truth has been given to us.

Genesis 1:1

Isaiah 42:5

Anything else is theoretical.

Bailey Jones

Robert, thanks for clearing that up. I believe we could save a lot of virtual ink in this forum if people who take the Bible as literal fact would begin their comments with "I don't believe in science, but ..."

Paula Flinn

1. The complete truth about Trump and his “business connections” with Russia have not yet been revealed. The truth about the phone call with the Ukraine was revealed, and that was bad enough.

2. The 2020 election election was not fraught with fraud. Joe Biden & Kamala Harris won the election. There is no proof to the contrary. Donald Trump spent time contacting people in states he lost asking them to find votes, and trying to illegally overturn the election.

3. Hunter Biden is not President. Unlike some of Trump’s children, Hunter Biden doesn’t work in the White House. DJ Trump, a known criminal, who didn’t pay his bills or his just taxes, was President and was (rightfully) impeached twice.

4. We still are not sure where the Co-Vid-19 Virus originated.

5. Most of the vaccinated people I know believe Dr. Fauci, a world-leading virologist and follow the Science.

6. Global warming may be a natural occurrence, but certain precautions and actions humans take can affect it.

7. The Big Bang Theory is believable, but is still a theory. It does not prove or disprove a belief in a Higher Power.

8. I don’t know if Obama Administration, or any other Administration, used the IRS as a tool to suppress the opposition. Trump did use his followers to attack the Capitol building and the Capitol Police on January 6th to interrupt the Democratic process of certifying the electoral votes. He praised them afterwards, although they were unsuccessful.

9. Fox News has had 25 years to lie, to obfuscate, to promote conspiracy theories, and to play to the right-wing hate of groups like white supremacists.

There is no god of the left or right.

The true God, the Creator, is one of Love, Justice & Mercy and is neither left nor right.

Robert Braeking

That is the beauty of the 1st Amendment, Paula. You have the option to believe what you want even if it is wrong. In Eisenhower's administration it was the military/industrial complex. Now it is the Pharma/government complex of which one must beware. Also beware of the press which has become the propaganda arm of the pharma/government complex. If you choose to believe their tripe, do it at your own peril.

Carlos Ponce

Paula Flinn - the QUEEN of debunked conspiracy theories.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Robert Braeking> You are NOT just correct! You are Absolutely Correct! We have individuals and organizations existing in America today who have turned on those who believes in God, his Word, America as an exceptional nation, hard work and self responsibility! They are saying by their actions and attitudes openly now, " BELIEVE LIKE US, and THINK LIKE US,... OR WE WILL DOX, CENSOR, HARASS, & EXCORIATE, YOU UNTIL YOU DO!" Years ago they stripped prayer out of our schools, now they are formally inviting Satan in,.. ( Actually ..Satan already moved in when they ran God out )..by compelling our school kids to be taught Racial Hate one for the other ( CRT)...no matter what the parents of those children wanted!

Fact is they turned the FBI loose on a group of parents last week for wanting a say in what their children were being taught in their schools, even calling the parents...Domestic Terroists! They are using African-Americans as a catalyst for doing all these satanic acts in the destruction of America in the name of " Equality." They figure since African-Americans were under their control back in SLAVERY, along with the Jim Crow, and Segregation eras, and even now, they are free to go to the more modern form of SLAVERY, and control... by continuing to use our past miseries, woes, and present disadvantages educationally, and economically to take power, and pass laws to keep power, even using the BLACK vote to help do it!

These are miseries, and disadvantages they the LEFT inflicted on African-Americans, from the 1700-1800 SLAVES up until now! The LEFT cares more about LAWBREAKERS than they do about LAW ENFORCEMENT! They care more about China than they do America & have proved it! Now they have now reached a new low with their investigating combat soldiers for attending political rallies, imprisoning low ranking field officers for speaking the truth in public while they are covering up for High ranking Generals who conspire & collude with Red China & Russia against a sitting President on the phone in secret without the presidents knowledge!

They are preaching Defunding of Police Departments, while they are raising money to bail hard criminals out of jail! They are paying people NOT to work, and driving taxing and inflation up on the middle class and calling it nothing! What kind of America are we living in when the American President sends an envoy to a high ranking NATO Partner, lying to them after having Stabbed them in the back for money, who Cuts & Run from a fight leaving thousands of American and their families behind to die from the enemies who are chasing them away? Buckle up, because we are just getting started! Please take note,....no way Trump can be blamed for all this crap!!!! Don't even try!!!!!

Don Schlessinger

The first amendment, what a wonderful thing.

Take advantage of it while you can.

Bailey Jones

Well, this turned hilarious real quick. [lol]

Robert Braeking

Mr. Jones. I do believe in science. Proven science. Theoretical science - not so much. Theories are open to debate and must be proven before they are accepted science. The problem with the unscientific who hang their hat on scientific theories is that when the theories are disproved, they have no place to go. It is the case of a little knowledge is dangerous. Einstein's theory of relativity is still theory. Although it has not been disproved it has not been proved either. The same goes for a multitude of scientific theories.

Bailey Jones

You should stop while you're ahead, Robert. Einstein's "theory" is one of the most proven laws of science ever discovered. (You may well appreciate your car's GPS - that's Einstein's theory of relativity at work.) Same for the "theory" of evolution. What was theory in 1859 is now well-established scientific law tested across multiple scientific disciplines for 150+ years. It's fine if you don't want to accept science that contradicts your understanding of the Bible. But that stance also means you don't believe in science. You can't have it both ways. (You can of course do what most of us do - look to the Bible for spiritual guidance, and look to science for science.)

As for disproving scientific theories - that's how science progresses. And nothing makes the science-literate happier than a fancy new explanation for how something in the material world works. We even give prizes for it.

Chris Donatelle

"Son, the world is full of crackpots and whistle britches. We have newspapers so we can tell who they are." Unfortunately ALL THE news on Television and many in the Gannet is owned by ABC/Disney/ESPN and now even FOX doesn't seen legal..Walt Disney Company bought most of Mr. Murdoch's entertainment assets last year in a $71.3 billion deal. That included the 20th Century Fox studio and its art-house sibling, Fox About 15 billionaires and six corporations own most of the U.S. media outlets. The biggest media conglomerates in America are AT&T, Comcast, The Walt Disney Company, National Amusements (which includes Viacom) etc etc..

for print its also NEWS CORP (now Disney) and then there is Gannet .. .The this paper GDN is owned by Southern papers

AS my DADDY used to say " FOLLOW THE MONEY"

Bailey Jones

Yet another reason for an open editorial page. Let the people speak!

Charles Douglas

I agree! [thumbup]

Charles Douglas

Agreed! [thumbup]

George Laiacona

As you can see Mr Braeking has made up his mind that the Republicans propaganda is in his mind the truth, but others have the impression that it’s the untruths.

Carlos Ponce

You have to realize George Laiacona is from BIZARRO WORLD.

Gary Scoggin

Carlos…. You just won today’s “Carlos Ponce Award” for the silliest, most irrelevant comment of the day. Congratulations!

Carlos Ponce

Not irrelevant nor silly.

Robert Braeking

Who ever mentioned political parties? You make assumptions that you do not have sufficient information to make.

Jarvis Buckley

Robert you appear to be very informed, articulate & 100 percent correct in your thoughts. The left will never agree with you.

You are speaking the truth & they. Can’t handle

the truth.

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